Moduli Spaces and Modular Forms

Schiermonnikoog Island, April 14 ― 19, 2024

Lighthouse of Schiermonnikoog (source: wikipedia)


Ignacio Barros,
Jonas Bergström,
Ana Botero,
Jan Bruinier,
Samir Canning,
Gaëtan Chenevier,
Fabien Cléry,
Giulio Codogni,
Rahul Dalal,
Henri Darmon,
Carel Faber,
Gavril Farkas,
Luis E. Garcia,
Gerard van der Geer,
Sam Grushevsky,
David Holmes,
Ivan Horozov,
Klaus Hulek,
Aitor Iribar,
Robin de Jong,
Shigeyuki Kondo,
Arno Kret,
Radu Laza,
Shouhei Ma,
Martin Möller,
Frederico Moretti
Andy Putman,
Christoph Ritzenthaler,
Gregory Sankaran,
Emre Sertöz,
Olivier Taïbi,
Yi Shan,
Sug Woo Shin,
Ruijie Yang,
Don Zagier

- Schedule

Arrival day is Sunday April 14.

The conference lectures start on Monday morning and the last lecture will end at noon on Friday April 19. The conference will end with the lunch on Friday.

Monday, 15 April Tuesday, 16 April Wednesday, 17 April Thursday, 18 April Friday, 19 April
9:00 -- 9:50 9:00 -- 9:50 9:00 -- 9:50 9:00 -- 9:50 9:00 -- 9:50
10:10 -- 11:00 10:10 -- 11:00 10:10 -- 11:00 10:10 -- 11:00 10:10 -- 11:00
11:20 -- 12:10 11:20 -- 12:10 11:20 -- 12:10 11:20 -- 12:10 11:05 -- 11:55
Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
16:30 -- 17:20 16:30 -- 17:20 Free afternoon 15:45 -- 16:35 End of conference
17:30 -- 18:20 17:30 -- 18:20 16:45 -- 17:30
17:40 -- 18:30
Dinner at 19:00 Dinner at 19:00 Dinner at 19:00 Dinner at 19:00

- The full programme of lectures will be determined after arrival on the island.

- Lecture Hall : Dorpshuis (4 minutes walk from the hotel).

- Breakfast : 8:00 (at the hotel)

- Titles and Abstracts


Gaetan Chenevier, Gavril Farkas, Gerard van der Geer

Practical Information

1. Venue and time

The conference will take place at Hotel van der Werff. The hotel address is Reeweg 2, 9166 PX Schiermonnikoog. Telephone number +31 519 531203.

Arrival time is Sunday afternoon, April 14. Departure is on Friday April 19 after lunch.

2. Getting here (from Schiphol Airport or Amsterdam Centraal)

You can first take an intercity train to Leeuwarden or Groningen.

From either Leeuwarden or Groningen, you can take buses (or a combination of local train and buses) to Lauwersoog, more precisely to the ferry there (Wagenborg Passenger Service). The address of the ferry service is: Zeedijk 9, 9976 VM, Lauwersoog. The bus stop of the ferry service is "Haven, Lauwersoog".

Then you need to take the ferry to Schiermonnikoog. You can purchase the ferry ticket online here. At the same website, you can also check the time schedule of the ferry services. Please check the ferry schedule before you travel and make sure that you can catch the service.

After you land on Schiermonnikoog, either the hotel bus will pick you up or you can take a local bus (line 2) to the hotel.

To plan your trip (train, bus and ferry), you can use

3. Hotel in Amsterdam

In April it will be very difficult to find hotel rooms in Amsterdam. If you need hotel rooms in the Netherlands before or after the conference, we advice you to also consider other cities.


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